Gaming headsets

7.1 Surround Sound

Our high-end headsets uses 7.1 surround sound this is optimal for FPS players. 7.1 means there is a eight-channel surround sound.


Havit gaming offers all kinds of gaming headsets with a great gaming design and lightning.

In-ears Available

As one of the few brands in the world, we offer in-ear gaming earplugs. With dual microphone. Stereo Channels and comfortable.

Havit headset h2011d
Havit headset h2008
Havit In-ear i39
Havit gaming mouse ms900
Havit gaming mouse ms300
Havit gaming mouse ms837

Gaming mouse


Havit Gaming offers a wide DPI range from 1.200-12.000, we want to design mices that live up to our customers expectations, thats why we offer mices in different prices.

Perfect look

All our mices features RGB backlit, which is an awesome feature for gaming, some of them programmable for the optimal design experience.


Multiple buttons designed for gamers. With multiple buttons you are able to configure your mouse to fit your needs.

gaming keyboards


Most of our keyboards are mechanical, this is especially important for gamers who needs a keyboard with a fast reaction time.


Most of our gaming keyboards is designed with RGB-Ligtning, to complete the gaming look.


With the anti-ghosting feature, you wont miss a single keystroke.

Havit gaming keyboard
Havit gaming keyboard kb418l
Havit gaming keyboard kb473l
Havit gaming keyboard kb462l
Havit gaming bundle kb558cm
Havit gaming bundle kb675cm

gaming BUNDLes

Same Design

If you choose a gaming bundle from Havit, every item fits together in design and functionality.

The perfect “kit”

If you are looking to upgrade your entire gaming equipment, then a bundle is the perfect choice if you want everything to work togeter saving money at the same time.

Value for money

When buying a gaming bundle from Havit you are saving alot by buying everything together.

All havit gaming


Havit KB395L

Havit HV-KB399L

Havit KB370L

Havit KB389L

Havit Havit KB390L

Havit KB391L

Havit KB414L

Havit HV-KB432L

Havit HV-KB390L-ND

Havit KB418L

Havit KB462L

Havit KB473L

Havit KB435L

Havit KB465L

Havit MS804

Havit MS672

Havit MS852

Havit MS837

Havit MS300

Havit MS840

Havit MS765

Havit MS1003

Havit MS900

Havit MS1002

Havit MS842

Havit H2212d

Havit H2239d

Havit H2212U

Havit H2260U

Havit H2002U

Havit H2008U

Havit H2006U

Havit H2011D

Havit H2015d

Havit KB558CM

Havit KB478CM

Havit KB675CM