Professional use

As for all our Proline, our goal is to make a simple product especially made for home and office use.

Wired and Wireless

Havit Proline offers wireless keyboards, in professional wireless is the most easy and comfortable way to use a keyboard.


With the Proline from Havit we offer multiple keyboard designs to fit your needs. one of our popular products is the Ultra-thin and wireless keyboard: KB235BT



Havit Proline specializing in mices for professional use. The mices are designed with elegant and simple design and made for professional use lots of hours every day.

Wired and wireless

Havit Proline offers both wired and wireless mices, for a stationary work station most would choose wired. But if on the-go wireless comes in handy

High Quality

Havit offers high quality in the line of products in Proline, but at a competetive price. It is nearly impossible to find products in the same quality at the price Proline is.



Proline offers hubs made for professional and business use. Simple, but powerful and useful.


Extend your keyboard with a numpad from Havit Proline.


With our accessory line, we have functionality as a first priority. All our accesories are made to help the users in there everyday life.