five different product lines

Havit Gaming

Gaming equipment that meets the requirements of every gamer from beginner to professional level.

Havit Sound

We produce different kinds of sound products. In-ear, On-ear and Wireless speakers.

Havit Mobile

We produce different kinds of mobile products. Cables, Adapters, Powerbanks and Wireless chargers.

Havit Basicline

Our basicline includes products for the everyday user, made especially to use at home or at the office.

Havit Proline

Proline is primarily made for office and professional use. with a primary productline of: Keyboards and mices

Havit gaming


Most of our keyboards are mechanical, this is especially important for gamers who needs a keyboard with a fast reaction time.


Havit gaming offers headsets in every price range from beginner to pro, this allows every gamer to find the perfect match.


All our gaming mices comes with a high DPI, which is important for accuracy gaming.

Havit sound


Most of our Havit sound in-ear and over-ear products are made for sports and activities, this also means that all of our sound products made for sports are testet in order to be able to resist dust and water.


Havit sound produces a wide variety of bluetooth speakers: Our most important task is to deliver a wireless speaker that can play loud, but still maintain the high sound quality. All our speakers are testet on these parameters.


With some of our newest sound products, it is possible to connect both two devices at once. other than that the our products automatically detects the sound and adapt the speakers.

Havit cable CB8522

Havit Mobile

MFI-Certified Products

Havit produces cables for iPhones such as lightning cable. These are MFi-certified which means they are certified by Apple and accepted as "Made for iPhone"


With a powerbank you will never run out of energy. We have powerbanks as "big" as 13.000 mAh which allows you to fully charge your phone 5-7 times.


Havit produces all the "standard" adapters mostly used for charging phones, and other small devices, Havit offers fast charging. Havit also offers a variety of beautiful wireless chargers.

Havit Basicline

Keep It Simple

As for all our basicline, our goal is to make the simplest product that meets the requirements of our customers.


All of our headsets in the basicline are made for professional use. This means that the primary function the is the microphone and the ability to communicate with others.


When choosing a bundle from the Basicline you ensure value for your money. It is cheaper to buy a bundle than the buying the products seperately.

Havit basicline keyboard kb373

Havit proline

Professional use

As for all our Proline, our goal is to make the simplest product which meets our customers needs as possible. Proline productline is made for professional and office use.

Wired and Wireless

Havit Proline offers both wired and wireless products, in professional use it can differ whether you would want a wired or wireless products.

High Quality

Havit offers high quality in the line of products in Proline, but at a competitive price. It is nearly impossible to find products in the same quality at the price Proline is.