About Us

Havit-nordic is the nordic department of the official Havit from Guandong, China. Why choose Havit over other a-brands producers?

HAVIT is a good performance brand with cost efficiency products

HAKII is a good powerful brand focused on intelligent sound products

Who We Are

We are a certified dealer of products from Havit

Havit-nordic is a certified dealer of Havit products, which means we have the legal rights to resell products from Havit in the northern Europe.

Years in the Business

 With more than 30 years of experience in consumer electronics, you can safely shop our products. Havit specializes in products within gaming, sound, smart products and various accessories

Products sold

We have sold over 100,000 products from Havit, which is also a hallmark of quality, as our customer satisfaction is high

Certified resellers

We have more than 30 stores that resell havit products throughout the Nordic region

Our Story

We have been the official distributor of Havit for a number of years and have over time sold more than 100,000 products. We always test our products before they are presented to the market, this is done to ensure the highest possible quality for our customers. Havit is known for the high quality versus price. You will hardly find products on the market in this price range, with a quality like ours.
Havit is a growing brand, which also means that we are constantly looking for new products and are therefore always in the middle of a development process to follow the market and develop products that meet the demand of our customers.