MFi - Lightning cable

Havit produces cables for iPhones such as lightning cable. These are MFi-certified which means they are certified by Apple and accepted as "Made for iPhone"


Havit offers a wide variety of cables, and as the most used cable in the world, we also offer high quality Micro-USB cables


USB-C will be the new standard cable for all phones sold in Europe, this will be the new "standard cable" Havit produces high quality USB-C cables.


Standard Adapters

Havit produces all the "standard" adapters mostly used for charging phones, and other small devices, Havit offers fast charging.

Car Adapters

With our Havit car adapters you are able to charge your devices when travelling in your car. We offer simple car travelling adapters made for the user.


Other than the most used adapters Havit also offers a wide variety of other adapters such as adapters for charging laptops.


On the-go

With a powerbank you will never run out of energy. We have powerbanks as "big" as 13.000 mAh which allows you to fully charge your phone 5-7 times.


All our powerbanks are made in the best design possible. this means that the powerbanks are made as small and handy as possible. To ensure a good experience

Wireless Charging

Some of our Powerbanks allows wireless charging. This is a special feature and is not often seen in powerbanks.



Simply plug in your Havit wireless charger and enjoy the great function of not having to use any cables on your devices.

Perfect look

A wireless charger is made to be placed stationary in your home, this means that the design is important. Thats why all our wireless chargers are made in a exclusive and elegant design.


Even though the design is beautifully made it is still important to keep the charger as compact as possible.